FlyStark is a boutique airline
operating in paradise.

FlyStark loves to show off the beautiful New Zealand coastline and countryside including a few little amazing islands. FlyStark is committed to giving you a lifetime experience and you can choose from one of our package tours, or FlyStark to your own destination. We have modern aircraft, our pilots are experienced, our engineers are the best and the FlyStark people love getting out of bed each day to show off beautiful New Zealand.

Who are we?
Our Team

Ray Stark


Ray has had a passion for aviation since his younger days working in the industry. Having built up a global technology company over the past 30 years he wanted to try something a bit different, FlyStark was it. Ray brings a fun dynamic to the FlyStark team with his bright ideas and vision for the business.

Chelsea McLean

Office Manager

Chelsea works in the office and looks after bookings and the accounts. Chelsea’s background is marketing, but more recently raising two toddlers Alex and Maddie. She is super organised and always has her finger on the pulse at FlyStark.

Ken Adlam

Chief Pilot

Ken is FlyStark’s chief pilot, and he brings over 3000 hours of flight time to the business. Ken is the local instructor but he divides his time between flying, farming and raising a daughter. His advice and skills he gives to the FlyStark pilots is paramount to their continued learning.

Amber Drummond

Training Manager / Pilot

Amber is FlyStark’s training manager, she looks after the pilots and ensures that planes and pilots are where they are meant to be. Amber brings local knowledge to the business having been bought up in Tairua. Flying with Amber on a scenic’s is an experience as she has some good stories to tell. You might also find her surfboard hidden on the plane if she has a couple of hours to spare while over at Great Barrier

David Terpend


David is one of the founding pilots at FlyStark. David, like all our pilots his passion is flying and he loves being up there getting a bird’s eye view on everything.

Mark Hedley


Mark is one of FlyStark’s top pilots. Mark is based in Auckland and operates out of our Ardmore hanger. He loves those early morning flights so he can see the Auckland motorway from the sky - Who would drive when you can fly!

Dalton Eades


Dalton brings to FlyStark an extensive background in an array of flying. Dalton started off flying in Whangarei for a skydiving company, flew in Alaska and now is based in the sunny Coromandel.

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